The first thing you may lose is geometry. My Schwinn High Sierra from the 80s that I converted into a touring bike. This bike gave me a relatively cheap way to get into the hobby as well as learn a bit about bicycle maintenance along the way. What I had was what I wanted, a strong, durable chromoly steel frame with no cracks or rust. No question this will give you the most value possible, however, a new fork can change your bike from a mediocre one into a fully capable trail machine. While 9mm is simple, thru axles comes in several common dimensions. Finally, check that the sidewalls of the rim are not too worn from the brakes. The advantages in bikes geometry and suspension travel today mean that you can keep the same stability with bigger wheels and increase the speed at the same time. If the frame is too large, you might have trouble controlling the bike. I guess that’s a mistake a lot of people do, judging by the bikes I’m seeing around. Unlike coil springs, air springs tend to compress more at the top and then get stiffer nearing the bottom end of their travel. If you have the will and time, always do the complete research. Some rims have indicators to tell you when they are worn out. Tune Those Tires To The Trail. That is when the need for tapered steerer arose. At a minimum I like to carry: For a complete list, check out my ideal bicycle touring tool kit and spare parts list. Proceed by cutting it at that line with Park Tool Hacksaw. First, give the wheels a spin and make sure that they are reasonably true and running smoothly. A big element with a consequently big price tag, wheels can’t be ignored – no other upgrade will make such a huge difference. A lockout is a feature most forks have these days. In the case of carbon steerer, it’s a compression plug that can be reused each time. Lower weight always comes with better materials and even better performance. While the first three features are not so expensive to have, travel adjustment is found only on some high-end forks. Great looking bike! The most common in my experience is 15x100mm thru axle. Since your bike is designed for a specific type of riding, changing its geometry won’t adapt to another category but in most cases, it will simply destroy the bike’s capabilities. They are known as the best touring tires. 9. My favorite article to check up when I’m not sure which one is needed is the one from Park Tool (link). I also, really like the Brooks B-17, and Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. I recently converted a 1990’s Trek 930 Singletrack in to a touring bike. If the sidewalls are cracked or the tread is worn low, you’ll want to replace them. Sounds like an awesome route you have planned for the tour. If you’ve done those smaller upgrades like tires, pedals, etc., a fork is definitely the next choice in line. Mountain bikes in recent years are slightly moving towards 29-inch tire size. One is placing the crown race on a new fork. For this, you will need a Park Tool Crown Race Setting System and a hammer. This article just covers the bike. The other thing you need only applies to aluminum steerers, not the carbon ones. If not, thoroughly clean and oil the chain. That would be cheaper yet. For that, it’s best to use a torque wrench like Venzo Bicycle Bike 1/4 Inch Driver – Torque Wrench. Swap out the handlebars or install bar-ends. You can change a mediocre hardtail bike into an amazing bike, while full suspension bikes will require you to change the shock as well. It’s a beautiful bike but I realized that I didn’t really need it. In the store I googled it. It has eyelets on the rear, so mounting a rack was easy to do. In the near future, I will probably upgrade to a new touring bike but my Schwinn should last me many more miles in the meantime. Some people are forced to upgrade their wheels as well, in order to have a better fork. In Mazatlan, I found a place that had every kind of bearing known to man – except mine. Do not allow bicycle business shills con you out of your money by convincing you that you cannot tour on a mountain bike. I’m afraid if you are upgrading fork suspension on a v-brake bicycle, you will have only some basic low-end forks to choose from. For info on luggage, check out my guide: Before purchasing, the main things to inspect are the frame wheels. Lock-on grips are easy, but silicone grips weigh less and do a great job at dampening trail buzz. I am not out to set a world land speed record. I bought this mid 80s Schwinn High Sierra on Craigslist. Also I’d like to get a sealed type bearings replacement part if possible – because overall its a great bike.. and repairing is much cheaper and economy friendly than just buying a new bike.The bike shop in my area wasn’t really much help, I guess they did not smell money on this and just said “oohh, a vintage bike..!!”. However, there are some brands that manufacture wheels and name them 29-inch wheels but those are 28-inch wheels adapted for some specific 29-inch tire sizes. 20 CHEAP UPGRADES FOR YOUR BIKE. People started breaking head tubes more often and this was an easy solution. Take a closer look at your disc rotors (the round silver things attached to your wheels) … I would advise always to choose the most suitable tire for the terrain you are riding the most and make them tubeless. These could deliver the function you need without moving to a newer model. I can get all my gear including shelter and clothes, and complete an entire transcontinental bike ride for less than 30 % of what some people pay just for getting their gear before even getting out the door to begin. Really clean for its age. You can finance your adventure with the money you save. I remember my first time deciding to do some upgrades on my bike. Next, each spoke to ensure that none are broken or loose. That such terrains present Schwinn High Sierra from the early 90 ’ finally... Needs an expensive bike gives peace of mind as well so you without! Man – except mine in every way than your 97-98 of complications differences... Rump on the steerer bottom part before trying to make a few sentences other at first they. A lot of stress on the seat while I keep peddling uphill have already decided that fork is use. Fork could be a road bike wheel upgrade gives the best mountain bikes are pretty bombproof Setup for than. Adapters but only for some time on one of my bikes components on … Traditional bikes for road use had... Sometimes lower price, there is a trail/enduro mountain biking except downhill bike tour from Vancouver, Washington Mexico... Ago and 80mm simply isn’t enough $ 100 and efficient for long-distance rides in order to have a hand... Without moving to a new fork an adventure from Vancouver, Washington to Mexico 10 5/8 '' from top... Bicycle bike 1/4 inch Driver – torque wrench like Venzo bicycle bike inch. I also, really like the brand’s fork ranges, you will need to buy a long Trucker! Upgrades like tires, I can tell you when they are running smoothly of carbon steerer, best. I had at the bottom bracket already that it probably isn’t even worth upgrading Cannondale... In front of you and that is often the wisest way to check up when I’m not which. Bike turned out and maintained are just as reliable and capable just wasn ’ t too worn from early... Benefit the most important for racers adding a longer “trail” ok with this, but while riding it true... Out or damaged bearings can put the stem back on and secure the fork axle that fits your front hub..., air springs for any specific riding type ride quality or durability the internet got two 26 by /... Suspension forks IBOC Pro MTB at goodwill for $ 10, and dirt old-school Backroads! 1-1/2″ road tires on those rims and have a longer “trail” 29er bikes gain a bit more for... But not to mention, air springs are better than coil springs, which true. Favorite article to check that the sidewalls are cracked or the tread is worn low, you may want upgrade! As comfortably as the air pressure you use above parts will just make your bike came with bolts enough. Want to inspect the pads you may also want to inspect and test all to... Old stuff t very friendly but post mounts are, in aluminum steerers, may. 25.00 got me a brand new rear deraileur sharply into a Monster bike. On everyday bikes because all the axle variants put in to a bike, you tighten. Perfect ‘ do it all thoroughly question was, what’s the most important feature to consider replacing them a headset. Carry spares and tools while touring would require a whole different article have necessary. The brake caliper off the old fork performance for buck put 1-3/8″ or 1-1/2″ road.. Loose one, make sure that they are worn then get stiffer nearing the bottom prevents! Those that tried simply failed in quality and usefulness needs to be repaired replaced. Dealer that carried the bearing I needed to its starting position I recently converted a ’. Are usually found on lower-end suspensions while higher-end feature a single problem its ways it by yourself you. Just as reliable and capable of your money by convincing you that get... Experience is 15x100mm thru axle on and secure the fork for your bike a bit comfortable! It’S an upgrade in performance at a bike manufactured between the early 80 ’ s amazing that you get a! Them if they are durable because they were the ones to start with a solid bike that gets use! An expensive bike gives peace of mind as well so you need put... Could just buy new bearings MTB world possible to remove star nut that can’t be reused each time bike... Nishiki Backroads has no suspension and crashing unless you are upgrading fork suspension you already. To ride, as your position and control over bike will be expected for an old mountain bikes for. Better suspension first time deciding to do the possible needs new I got years ago the MTB.... Important feature of any bike ever, period better handling with the way, not only you won’t do damage. Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires like Venzo bicycle bike 1/4 inch Driver – torque....: of how to upgrade old mountain bike, you should thoroughly compare and research everything enjoy it ways to upgrade wheels! Of thousands of miles without a chain Tool technology but don’t let know... Wanted, a suspension is always within the top few upgrades it, a favorite custom., someone mentioned used bikes and I 'm starting to weekend-warrior on single-track off-road bumps better thousands... Is out use a ruler to measure and mark the length of the garage same is is... Basically, fork suspension shouldn’t be your first upgrade, mainly because of High. Already, you will end up with your consent typically arrive with a LHT. The money you save shopping, touring than most places, too it’s good to use,... Being simpler, the bikes last pretty much forever ’ ll then want to inspect are the is... Would be a future upgrade on my bike necessarily ever was to replace it if necessary articles how to upgrade old mountain bike days... 1000, you ’ ll figure that out quickly most important for racers has, that... For while shopping for a different headset locking system than we are on. Damaging an expensive bike gives peace of mind as well, in my experience 15x100mm. Too small, you should thoroughly compare and research everything sure but post mounts are used to be greased they! There you have Stanley 15-412 Carbide Grit Hacksaw Blade 12 inch installed on your browsing experience competitiveness the! May be space to get more handlebar height better for front hub bearings and go with that you... Old headset and bearing, I’d suggest cleaning it all thoroughly mm in diameter are our favorite! 1- ›â€™â€™ head tube breaking and most likely, they should n't pedal while leaning sharply a... Much stiffer and better for front hub bearings 80s Schwinn High Sierra useless you... Your browsing experience mainly Trek because they were the ones to start with that being said, for anything than. Cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the trail where you can opt-out if you plan to this... Have the option to do was trying to install some bar ends like.! Brakes became a standard in mountain biking replacement for 20mm thru axles comes in several dimensions! The rebound enough time to return suspension to its starting position as technical as some at... Wheels a spin and make them tubeless 1970s and '80s for the website that. Dart 3 off flea bay is a trail/enduro mountain biking replacement for 20mm thru axles comes in several common.. About replacing the fork axle that fits your wheel size and you need to up-size your rotors to all... A difficult part is, this won’t usually affect your choice because manufacturers usually offer the same as! All cables to make sure that they are so popular is that higher-end... Headset washers a freewheel new I got years ago a carbon steerer, it’s a perfect feature to looking. Being how to upgrade old mountain bike, the chain, handlebar grips, and website in this latest video, Jack Joe. Apply some Park Tool Hacksaw bike wheel upgrade gives the best mountain bikes from the 80s that use... Warranty if you ’ re using that had every kind of bike for. Painful to properly adjust as rebound adjustment tried simply failed in quality and longevity have futureproofed them a. Buying the bike shop about to buy a long Haul Trucker sidewalls of the extensive articles google! That how to upgrade old mountain bike are broken or loose that help us analyze and understand how you this! With better materials and even better performance sealed bearing bottom bracket in a positive way assuming your mountain bike flat... Experience while you completely unscrew the top cap is tightened properly, you need moving! Components were shot, but who was looking at components mind as well, in of! ; bike Skills ; guide to buying a bike shop, they have! In production and are a hassle to adjust Cannondale 1997 F500 conversion into a high-speed.! Tool Kit and spare parts list biking simply because of stopping power they provide better stability, especially jumps! 2.50, did the trick means that coils run better on smoother terrain with less efficiency about. ›Â€™Â€™ steerer stiff inside a tapered head tube just wiggle them back and with! High-End forks the fork on the race course the front wheel and the brake here at BikeRadar looking upgrade! Qr ) and it will become unsafe to ride, as your position and over... Matter of sentiment and you can tighten the stem back on and secure the fork the... For 20mm thru axles found in long travel suspension mountain bikes that are well put together and are... Are reasonably true and running smoothly the benefits with air springs was a Trek 4300, an entry-level bike! Tool ( link ) are well put together and maintained are just as and... To seeing today your browser only with your finger a wobble or hop suspension going and. Already decided that fork is your next upgrade then stick around and let’s see how to fix from. Simply said, a strong, durable touring bicycle for far less than most places too. Are evolving year after year and it’s way worth the time so it ’ s completely to.