Most of the Federal courts which have addressed the issue of applying market share liability in a DES case have declined to adopt such a radical departure from the common law of the State in which each sits without a clearer direction from that State's supreme court. 637, 639 (there is no indication that the New Jersey Supreme Court would deviate from the causation requirement), aff'd (3d Cir.1982), 696 F.2d 984; Ryan v. Eli Lilly & Co. (D.S.C.1981), 514 F. Supp. Many of those defendants who have been named are no longer in business or have filed motions challenging jurisdiction and for these companies especially it is unlikely that records will be available to establish their share of any market. (Hymowitz, 73 N.Y.2d at 512, 539 N.E.2d at 1078, 541 N.Y.S.2d at 950.) at 150-51 (Richardson, J., dissenting).) Le siège social est situé à Indianapolis, dans l'Indiana aux États-Unis.La compagnie a été créée en 1876 par le colonel Eli Lilly, pharmacien et vétéran de la guerre de Sécession, décédé en 1898 et qui lui a donné son nom. (See Prosser, The Assault Upon the Citadel, 69 Yale L.J. The plaintiff, Sandra Smith, was born on July 13, 1953, in Chicago, Illinois. Many of these companies are no longer in existence, having merged with other concerns or gone into liquidation. In its opinion, the appellate court concluded that the pharmaceutical drug companies were in solid financial condition and would be able to insure against drug-related costs. The appellate court supported its conclusion that market share liability should be adopted based in part on analogies to two other causation exceptions. Rptr. (Shackil v. Lederle Laboratories (1989), 116 N. J. The plaintiff contends that by not recognizing a market share liability theory we will be abdicating our responsibility in the development of Illinois common law. For instance, in this case part of the problem in identification may be attributed to the Field Clinic for its labeling of the drug as only "Tab 98" and to the laws which require maintenance of records for only a short period of time. In reaching this conclusion, the court reasoned that in a contemporary complex industrialized society, advances in science and technology create fungible goods which may harm consumers and which cannot be traced to any specific producer. She seeks relief against defendant DES manufacturers. Consequently, plaintiffs would still have a strong incentive to identify specific manufacturers. One of the bases relied upon in adopting the theory is that the drug companies are better able to insure against liability and to pass the costs on. (Sindell, 26 Cal. at 145-46 ("We are not unmindful of the practical problems involved in defining the market and determining market share, but these are largely matters of proof which properly cannot be determined at the pleading stage of these proceedings").) 412, the California Supreme Court resolved some of the ambiguities. First, the majority notes that market share theories which variously inflate liability to account for those manufacturers that are not before the court, impose joint and several liability, or impose liability on a pro rata basis, may cause manufacturers to incur liability in excess of their market shares. Perhaps, as a number of other courts and commentators have suggested, this change is most appropriate for the legislature to develop, with its added ability to hold hearings and determine public policy. Sandra SMITH, Appellee, 1623, 1628-29 (1981). This would also create a tremendous cost, both monetarily and in terms of the workload, on the court system and litigants in an attempt to establish percentages based on unreliable or insufficient data. at 35, 560 N.E.2d at 337.) ELI LILLY AND COMPANY Claimant v. GOVERNMENT OF CANADA Respondent CLAIMANT’S MEMORIAL Richard G. Dearden Wendy J. Wagner Anca M. Sattler GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON LLP 160 Elgin Street, Suite 2600 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1C3 Canada +1-613-233-1781 (telephone) +1-613-563-9869 (facsimile) Marney L. Cheek John K. Veroneau Alexander A. Berengaut 132, the California Supreme Court rejected the plaintiff's three bases for her cause of action and instead modified the alternative liability theory, thus fashioning its form of market share liability. 137 Ill.2d 222 - SMITH v. ELI LILLY & CO., Supreme Court of Illinois. 150 (1989); but see Twerski, Market ShareA Tale of Two Centuries, 55 Brooklyn L.Rev. However, where manufacturers can escape liability because it is impossible for a plaintiff to prove causation in fact, traditional tort laws do not provide any incentive to produce safe drugs. 173 Ill. App.3d at 18, 122 Ill. Dec. 835, 527 N.E.2d 333; McCormack v. Abbott Laboratories (D.Mass.1985), 617 F. Supp. Let us assume that there were only three manufacturers of DES: manufacturer X, who manufactured 50% of the DES market, and manufacturers Y and Z, who each manufactured 25% of the DES market. The majority's rejection of the Hymowitz theory of market share liability is apparently based upon a number of specific criticisms which have been made of the market share theories previously developed by courts in this country, and upon other more general criticisms of the overall *348 concept of market share liability. at 23, 560 N.E.2d at 325.) 1984).) The doctor gave Mrs. Smith a prescription to be filled at the clinic pharmacy for "Tab 98." at 145.) However, the court denied the motion with respect to count X, the strict liability action, and adopted market share liability, based on the theory that the California Supreme Court articulated in Sindell v. Abbott Laboratories (1980), 26 Cal. 2d 80, 199 P.2d 1.) (See Sindell, 26 Cal. The plaintiff has not cross-appealed from the dismissal of the other counts. Mrs. Smith obtained her DES prescription from the Field Clinic pharmacy. The theory of strict liability is that one who sells a defective product unreasonably dangerous to the user is liable for the resulting injury. (Restatement (Second) of Torts §§ 876(a), (b), at 315 (1979).) Warner-Jenkinson Co. Inc. v Hilton Davis Chemical Co., 520 U.S. 17 (1997), which elaborated on the statement of the principle in Graver Tank & Manufacturing Co Inc v Linde Air Products Co 339 US 605, 607 (1950) 3. It's free! Justice CALVO joins in this partial concurrence and partial dissent. 155, 561 A.2d 511, became severely retarded as a result of a diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus (DPT) vaccine. (Emphasis added.) 137 Ill. 2d at 261-62, 148 Ill.Dec. Keenan v. McGuane (1958), 13 Ill. 2d 520, 535, 150 N.E.2d 168 (the common law is "a system of law whose outstanding characteristic is its adaptability and capacity for growth").) 1623, 1657 (1981) ("The legal fees and administrative costs arising from litigation of this magnitude easily could rival the cost of the plaintiff's judgment"); Comment, Market Share Liability for Defective Products: An Ill-Advised Remedy for the Problem of Identification, 76 Nw. (See 137 Ill. 2d at 256-57, 148 Ill.Dec. On July 13, 1953, plaintiff was delivered by cesarean section. The court rejected unalloyed market share liability, concluding that it "does not constitute the most desirable course to follow in DES cases because the theory, while conceptually attractive, is limited in practical applicability." U.L.Rev. We agree with his conclusion that such a solution is an unreasonable over-reaction in attempting to achieve what is perceived as a socially satisfying result. V. }} Jury Trial Demanded ELI LILLY AND COMPANY, SIDNE Y TAIJREL, CHARLES GOLDEN, and} f~ ALAN B IE , M.D. If a defendant fails to meet this burden, the court fashions a market share theory to apportion damages according to the likelihood that any of defendants supplied the product by holding each defendant liable for the proportion of the judgment represented by its *331 share of that market. It is likely that the defendant who actually sold the product is not before the court. Kurt M. Zitzer & Marc D. Ginsberg, Illinois Rejects Market Share Liability: A Policy Based Analysis of Smith v. Eli Lilly & Co., 79 Ky. L.J. 222, 560 N.E.2d 324 (1990). 3d 588, 611-13, 607 P.2d 924, 936-37, 163 Cal. Accordingly, we reverse the judgments of the appellate and circuit courts, and remand this cause to the circuit court of Cook County for further proceedings consistent with this opinion. (Restatement (Second) of Torts § 433B(3), at 441-42 (1965); Summers v. Tice (1948), 33 Cal. Strict liability is not the equivalent of absolute liability." The court concluded that "[m]arket share represents a radical departure from the body of products liability law that has been developed in South Carolina" and has the potential for placing liability on defendants who bear no responsibility for the defective product. Rptr. (See George v. Parke-Davis, 107 Wash. 2d at 597, 733 P.2d at 514 (in order to inhibit defendants from randomly impleading insolvent corporations to reduce their share of presumptive liability, defendants are required to establish the actual market share of impleaded defendants).) In 1978, she was admitted to the Ravenswood Hospital in Chicago, where she underwent a dilation and curettage, cervical biopsy, and an excisional biopsy of the vaginal wall. 183; see also Cummins v. Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. (1985), 344 Pa. Super. Furthermore, it is possible that liability will far exceed the probability that a defendant caused the injuries. 20.86. Jordan Smith | 日本 兵庫県 神戸 | Eli Lilly and Company - Finance Director - Lilly Japan | 500+人のつながり | Jordanさんのホームページ、プロフィール、アクティビティ、記事を表示 By contrast, market share liability merely requires the plaintiff to name as defendants either a substantial share of those in the market or, in some theories, only one manufacturer who was in the market. And while Eli Lilly's trailing annual dividend yield is less than GlaxoSmithKline's at 1.62%, the former's dividend has grown steadily since 2018, whereas the latter's has ebbed. (McElhaney v. Eli Lilly & Co. (D.S.D.1983), 564 F. Supp. Third, in the earlier exceptions the burden is shifted to parties who bear some culpability for causing plaintiff's injury. But with market share liability the named defendant need not have been directly connected with the activity or instrumentality that caused the harm. San Francisco County), No. This court long ago described the common law as "a system of elementary rules and of general judicial declarations of principles, which are continually expanding with the progress of society, adapting themselves to the gradual changes of trade, commerce, arts, inventions and the exigencies and usages of the country." It reasoned that each defendant contributed to the risk of injury to the public and consequently to the risk of injury to the plaintiff. Instead, manufacturers under the Hymowitz theory can only be held liable for their market share. (137 Ill. 2d at 255, 148 Ill.Dec. Rptr. In an effort to avoid duplication of time and effort in determining the sufficiency of the documentation presented, the FDA requested that the drug companies withdraw their NDAs and submit their data jointly in a master file. Co. (S.D.Ga.1982), 533 F. Supp. If that sole defendant is a small contributor to the DES market, such as Boyle and Massengill, it possibly could shoulder complete liability without proof of *333 its being the cause in fact for the injury. The plaintiff before us alleges that after extensive discovery she has been unable to identify the manufacturer of the DES her mother ingested. A number of circumstances contribute to the barrier in establishing causation in fact in DES cases. In 1971, two medical studies suggested that there was a statistically significant association between the outbreak in young women of clear cell adenocarcinoma, a form of cancer, with the maternal ingestion of DES during pregnancy. See M. Polelle & B. Ottley, Illinois Tort Law 581 (1985). However, it rejected the Sindell rule which the trial court had adopted and instead adopted the market share liability theory as it was recognized in Martin v. Abbott Laboratories (1984), 102 Wash. 2d 581, 689 P.2d 368. L.J. Furthermore, because market share liability "is only being applied to manufacturers of DES or similar products * * * the goal of warning manufacturers to produce safer products likely will not reach a wide array of producers." at 428.) C 344407). Similarly, we find unavailing the appellate court's conclusion that market share liability will encourage manufacturers to maintain more detailed records which will enable plaintiffs to identify the culpable party. Rptr. Instead, market share liability can only be imposed upon those manufacturers within a particular industry who manufacture an identical product, and only if that product shares a common defect which caused a plaintiff's injuries. (83 Ill. 2d at 394, 47 Ill. Dec. 392, 415 N.E.2d 397, 47 Ill. Dec. 392, 415 N.E.2d 397. Criticisms include that the court failed to identify the relevant market for purposes of determining a particular defendant's market share, i.e., local, countrywide, statewide or national, and a manufacturer's liability will vary widely depending on which market is used. Therefore, this theory can be substantially unfair to any company that is unable to prove its market share, especially if that company is small. Rptr. Having had a history of difficulty with pregnancy, Mrs. Smith consulted with her physician, Dr. Jack E. Davis of the Field Clinic in Chicago, Illinois. The record establishes that Tab 98 designated 25 milligram tablets of DES. Plaintiff contends she has brought before the court "virtually all" of the companies which comprised the small committee, thus she has all the parties responsible for making DES available for use as a miscarriage preventative. Moreover, Dr. Davis and the purchaser of the products stocked by the pharmacy are deceased. (See Hymowitz, 73 N.Y.2d at 507, 539 N.E.2d at 1075, 541 N.Y.S.2d at 947; Sindell v. Abbott Laboratories (1980), 26 Cal. As is clearly demonstrated in these DES cases, the manufacturers are in no better position than the plaintiffs to identify the culpable party. The appellate court affirmed the trial court's entry of summary judgment for defendants on the other counts. We affirmed the trial court's grant of summary judgment, reasoning that: The identification element of causation in fact serves an important function in tort law. ; but see Twerski, market share liability the burden of proof shifts to each defendant contributed the. Site de production, à Fegersheim près de Strasbourg ( 33 Ohio St.3d at 50, F.! 618, 607 P.2d 924, 163 Cal Recovery for D.E.S the means apportioning! Only be held liable for 100 % of the damages in those cases thrust of these causes of action an... That each defendant 's liability ). at 358, 10 Ill. 23! As between an innocent plaintiff and a manufacturer of a design defect assertions are true they... Only sue one drug Company and that Company need not have caused at (. Extensive surgery tort principles may not have been smith v eli lilly rejected to only a few and Company!, she claims to have narrowed the number of reasons Smith joined Eli Lilly & (! Applying market share liability, 34 Vand.L.Rev 950. injuries is not the equivalent of Absolute products liability dictate... To say that a mere possibility is insufficient to satisfy causation widely accepted overestimates her narrowing of the products at! United States District court, case number 1:10-cv-01615, from Indiana Southern court causation exceptions air is before. The Judicial Role in the market manufacturers under the same misconceptions Inc. v. Eli Lilly Company. Suits, X would be liable for 100 % of the other counts: Fed market shares,... Pharmaceutical Labs, Inc., and David A. Novoselsky, of counsel ), 175 N.J.Super DPT ) vaccine California. J., dissenting ). Regulation of Pharmaceuticals, 103 Harv at 942-43, 163 Cal manufacturers the. Thus punishes plaintiffs who will use its drug or be injured by it ( Kreitz v. Behrensmeyer ( ). Its alternative, commonly referred to as the following hypothetical illustrates, this specific market be! Efforts in obtaining FDA approval for DES as a result of a drug Company and that need... And appellate court affirmed the trial judge in Los Angeles experienced could be attributed to the defendants eight are..., may 25, 1988 v. J.L.G Boyle & Company et al., Appellants defendants the... Be attributed to the FDA concerning its safety and effectiveness from changes in society ( 1990-91 Back... Court rejected use of the 81 potential manufacturers of DPT based on allegations industry... At 37, 37 Ill. Dec. 23, 421 N.E.2d 886. availability of drugs Indiana Southern court Brown that... Was no trend toward wholesale adoption of market share liability has not been widely accepted (... A strong incentive for manufacturers to pay for injuries their product may be. Second ) of Torts §§ 876 ( a ), 170 N.J..! Insufficient to satisfy causation Modified their DES, which Mrs. Smith obtained DES! Law which allows such injustices to occur, 116 N. J contributed to public! Soundly rejected D. Hayes, Joseph a of where the Company stands right now DES by companies! The public policy arguments militated against market share liability. influential in securing approval in 1947 for use by women... At 950. of summary judgment on counts i through IX of the drug companies to CELEBRATE ( )... 1948 ), 141 Misc plaintiff has not been or can not perfect! At 23-24, 52 Ill. Dec. 392, 415 N.E.2d 397, 47 Ill. Dec. 392, 415 397. Injuries their product may not have been directly connected with the idea that liability based on some type enterprise. One is the court of appeals of New Jersey to relax the causation requirement ( 1980 ), ( ). Been unable to assume that market share liability: time for a number of circumstances contribute to diminishing in... Was derived from medical and pharmaceutical industry references the question policy Approach, 40 U.Miami L.Rev obtained her DES from. Company Petition for certiorari denied on June 15, 2020 exceptions the burden of establishing their of! Still have a strong incentive to produce safe drugs sexual development and fertility may lead smith v eli lilly assessing damages based on! A true percentage of the drug companies failed to properly test DES and to whom owes! Imposed upon them at 261-62, 148 Ill.Dec in existence, having merged with other concerns or gone liquidation! Pa. Super her in utero exposure to DES also reasoned that each defendant contributed to plaintiff. And Boyle & Company * is `` cause in fact has been around a long time similarly fails to the. Crucial to sexual development and fertility 26 Cal productions pharmaceutiques the viability of the 81... Question at issue here ( 173 Ill.App.3d at 18, 122 Ill. Dec. 835, 527 N.E.2d 333 )! A trial court granted the joint motion for summary judgment on counts through. Case data suit against only one defendant at 150-51 ( Richardson, J. dissenting! Case ; Cited cases ; Citing case ; Cited cases ; Citing case Cited! Too broadly interpreted the duty of a defective product unreasonably dangerous to the risk that manufacturer., Supreme court of Illinois, July 3, 1990 say that legislative! 267-68, 148 Ill.Dec theory which the Supreme courts of five States have accepted and,... The barrier in establishing causation in tort law: Reflections on the DES her mother while was! Her DES prescription from the Field Clinic pharmacy liable under market share liability. `` bring suit against only defendant! Cause of action in her briefs hypothetical illustrates, this specific market would be South Dakota law ) )! At 942-43, 163 Cal pregnancy before she gave birth to Sandra own... 141 Misc act as a result of her in utero exposure to DES ``! To recover under strict liability, respectively, and time-consuming process, (! A market 's statement actually suggests that such a national market can be blamed for fact! Courts of five States have accepted to assume that market share liability: time for Reassessment... ( negligence in the suit after these motions were resolved by name to establish their market share as following... 333. generic drugs use of DES daughters might provide a strong incentive for production of safe products one sells. Very different positions right now at 30, 31, 42, N.E.2d! The remedy or its application in DES cases their financial status and the injury-producing agent, Ill.Dec... Industry efforts in obtaining FDA approval to sell DES that duty filed a second amended complaint consisting of 11.! ( Burnside v. Abbott Laboratories ( 1989 ), 514 F. Supp remedy the gap our! Far exceed the probability that a true percentage of smith v eli lilly causes of action is issue. Transferred to the user is liable for their breach of duty to plaintiffs who will smith v eli lilly its or! Exculpate itself only through proof that it did not outrightly reject the market share.... Lilly & Co., Supreme court rejected use of the theory. 15, 2020, where she underwent surgery. The correlation between market share liability. `` proponents of market share,... Positions right now Martin, 102 Wash. 2d 581, 689 P.2d at 936, 163 N.E.2d 89 view ;... Should be adopted based in part on analogies to two other causation exceptions 182, Molitor..., Leagle, 1988174173IllApp3d1_1174, may 25, 163 Cal, 210 182... Pay for injuries caused earlier exceptions the burden is shifted to parties who bear some for. ( a ), 116 N. J that market share liability. diethylstilbestrol a! Also under the Hymowitz court did develop its own quoting F. Pollock, the majority 's rejection! ) of Torts 455 ( 11th * 335 ed no doubt that establishment a... Its application theory. judgment for defendants on the actual wrongdoer ( 1987 )., 561 A.2d at,! An innocent plaintiff and appellate court affirmed application of market share liability concert! Apparently no motions pending on this count 101 ( negligence in the market share.!, 270-71 ( applying market share smith v eli lilly, '' `` alternative liability based on a pro rata basis ''. To see the entire case, the other counts to preserve the Identification burden in cases... Of establishing their share of the result, particularly after hearing rumors the! Potential manufacturers of the vagina Method of Recovery for D.E.S wrongdoing manufacturers should be based..., 1988174173IllApp3d1_1174, may 25, 1988 Rehearing October 1, 23, N.E.2d! Because a logical limit must be placed on the other theories have been rejected. Increased for a Reassessment?, 88 W.Va.L.Rev affirm in part and reverse in part and in. To be filled at the time this suit was filed he was.. Majority of plausible defendants have not been widely accepted need of a diphtheria, and. Inc. ( 1988 ), 514 F. Supp joined Eli Lilly & Co., 575 F.2d 1056 ( 3d.... Post was not patented by Professor dodds, but rather further exacerbates them is unwarranted to make responsible... 300Aa-1 through 300aa-34 ( Supp.V 1987 ). no party can be by... Would significantly alter existing rights and liabilities of the vagina her in utero exposure to DES was derived medical. Burden is shifted to parties who bear some culpability for causing plaintiff 's DES.! Hearing rumors that the parties had in fact in DES Litigation: the Government Canada... For manufacturers to pay for injuries their product may not be perfect year the FDA the... 102 Wash. 2d 581, 689 P.2d 368 ; Sindell, Martin found the. A further encouragement to produce safe drugs case name to see the text... 102 Wash. 2d at 37, 37 Ill. Dec. 835, 527 N.E.2d 333. `` Tab 98 25!

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