Please Note: You can sort this listing by simply clicking on the column heading. A LOT of images will be loaded, so please be patient. Bulova Men's Analog-Quartz Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Grey, 24 (Model: 98D142) I own a Silver 1973 XKE. Has anyone seen another ? . Deze auto wordt geproduceerd door Model-Icons in de schaal 1:18, dus wat betreft afwerking, detaillering en kwaliteit zit het wel goed. Cheers, xke7, xke7 thanks. Besides regarding the colours this is the best place. Johnnie, try . Fortunately Golden Sand is not questioned as there is no similar color. I have seen stone guard in machine gray but nothing saying if undercoat is correct for show cars. Ik kan bij deze bevestigen dat RAL 9007 totaal niet trekt op gunmetal en RAL 9007 niet de kleur is van de VMR velgen bovenaan in het topic. Now, come to think of it. They were asking $12,000 (this was 1986), and it had black interior and a ceramic coated exhaust manifold. 61-67. Anyone ever hear of this color before? 57,865 Cars, 677,063 Photos across all 9 sites (menu). This can be frightfully inaccurate at times. It's so classy. One is not better than the other, its mostly important to have the style that came originally on the car. Thirty years ago when I graduated from college, I was fantasizing about spending all the money I was going to make at my new corporate job and visited a collector car showroom in Ohio. It was Willow Green with light Tan interior. Jaguar paint 2030 Gunmetal/grey Met. Some owners have added these badges to their cars which did not originally have them and some "2R" car owners have removed them. Paul, My dad also owned a 1964 FHC Opal Silver Grey with black iterior. These would include the pairings of, Colors not illustrated include: Mist Grey and Lavendar Blue. where can i get the "OFFICIAL JAGUAR E-TYPE 50th CELEBRATION BOOK"/ says they have them in the nov-dec 2011 "kittyletter" but i cannot find it. 740 BLACK 392,50 770 BC SILVER FINE 626,20 797 PHTALO GREEN 807,90 759 MATTING BASE 882,80 741 BRIGHT BLUE 910,80 753 BASECOAT WHITE 934,80 745 TRANSPARENT RED 953,80 Neil, Brussels. Yes: AIR CONDITIONING: No: The Jaguar E-Type is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential sports cars of all time! The first Gray Jaguar in our paint database was in 1959, with one gray paint shade named Silver Gray. Its a dark silver and many would call it gunmetal on other cars but its not as dark as Jaguar gunmetal. Ron Avery Winnetka CA. 17-mrt-2019 - Jaguar I-Pace Wrapped in Avery Matte Gunmetal Grey Wat hebben wij gedaan aan deze Jaguar: Gewrapt in Avery Matte Gunmetal Grey Zwart glanzende delen gewrapt in Avery Matte Black Jaguar logo plasti-dipped in Matte Black 22 inch velgen gespoten in Matte Black I have also seen the word "Opalescent" or "Opal." You may opt-out by. Color formula for it? Though the color was "Opalescent Golden Sand" for some reason Jaguar frequently dropped some of the descriptive names from the build records which now appear on JDHT certificates. ( S2 roadster in End of an Era for example) It's whiter than light blue which has a creamy tinge to it. #885890 can you direct me to the page, please? British cars as a general rule mostly come with every part of the car with paint painted the body color. A gunmetal grey Fixed-Head Coupe was driven overnight from Jaguar… I have every catalog brochure from the time period and none list Heather as a color. This gorgeous Jaguar Mk II was extensively and beautifully restored and the engine and … It is recorded as a personal export delivery to South Africa, now in Australia. See who is a fan of Gunmetal Gray. All Rights Reserved. Ha! talk to us PEKKA T. what color is YOUR jag? May 23, 2018 - Jaguar Mk 2 3.8 Litre gunmetal grey | Sold | Collection | VSOC He replaced the car for a FHC 1965 4.2 in Willow green. Gunmetal Color. However, if Jaguar did paint your car in a custom color, it will have been noted on the build sheet (the Heritage Certificate you can obtain from JDHT). Oh, and the price, should you want one of these? 2039 – CRYSTAL BLUE-MET. If you disasemble the bonnet into pieces you will find all the metal-to-metal contact (i.e., between bonnet panels and under screws) to not even have primer - absolutely bare metal. Cheers! ColorRite Pen Automotive Touch-up Paint for Jaguar … Thanks. can someone hook me up? 2006-07-09 04:56:39 | Johnnie Chernusky writes: Can someone tell me where to find sometouch up paint for my Jag. I remember it like it was yesterday. IT. What is GLASURIT? 'WHO CARES! Au total, 284 couleurs officielles Jaguar sont référencées afin que vous puissiez trouver facilement celle de votre voiture. In fact there are several Golden Sand E-types in the data base pre '65. I have an OTS 1970,Date of manefacture 29 of April 1970, Date of disspatch 5 of June 1970. However, both the Heritage certificate and the original Bill of Sale from Henlys, London identify the colour as cream (which from above ended in 1969). So I am quite sure that grey was a colour applied in 1963. They may have also been on 1971 Series III cars. 2006-10-28 00:05:03 | LARRY HARRIS writes: For Peter 10/03/06, Remove the 2 thumb screws that holds the center instrument panel, tilt it forward from the top, shine a light against the back of the firewall. . SNGBARRATT says they are getting them... never ridden in an e-type. They'll be replaced with new features from Jaguar Classic’s parts collection. 2038A – AZURE BLUE-MET. UPHOLSTERY COLORS INSTRUCTIONS: BLACK SUEDE GREEN LIGHT BLUE DARK BLUE RED BEIGE GREY TAN MAROON . Picking up after the events of Back Blast, Court Gentry, back in the employ of the Central Intelligence Agency after five years as a fugitive, has to capture a rogue hacker working for the Chinese military who is on the run from his … thanks pauls, why did they drop welds, $$$$ factor? Jaguar 37300 Gunmetal Grey. When is the last time you saw a photo of a soon-to-be-introduced Jaguar and felt those delicious sensations of accelerated heartbeat, quickening breath and squinting eyes familiar to all car nuts? I've read about others using heat... like from a heat gun, not flame, scraping and lots of work. They are close, but according to my paint supplier the formulas are different and he needed to know which one I had to be sure of getting a match. Terry's Jaguar has a handy page which cross references many Jaguar colors to modern conventional paints.. How do I get the underaotinmg off? Was this a special order color? Re British Racing Green ,The Photos i have from 1969 and 1970 of 1E21656 ( AUGUST 67 F.H.C. They are fastened through two small holes drilled through the bonnet. Every “E-Type reborn” will include as much of the original car’s platform as humanly possible; any restored or refurbished parts will be assembled according to spec. earlier this month. LOTTTTTSSS of hard work and verrrryyy messy removing the undercoating - turns into soft, wet tar. can you help? That said, I've never seen a Warwick Grey car in my life, so it might be. How can I tell the original color of a 1974 XKE? VSOC Mme Curiestraat 8 2171 TW Sassenheim P: +31 (0) 252 218 980 F: +31 (0) 252 218 981 E: [email protected] Once you have the drive train out and suspension removed, everything else is sprayed body color - including the bolts fixing the front frame rails, the washers & screws underside the bonnett, etc. TONY, always go with stock color!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jaguar F-Type/Storm Grey MET - 1AU / Color and Paint Touch UP Paint System for Paint Chips and Scratches/Plus Care. Bob, I am in the exact same situation . Or if I used the red interior in a Opal Silver blue? I have a 1962 E FHC painted Carmen Red. $355,000, boss. 2018-03-05 18:36:01 | steven Phelps writes: the site says Carmen red is GLASURIT # JAG 303 i'd like to have DuPont Imuran enamel. If you're worried about whether the pink coral the car you're looking to buy is indeed "a factory custom color" as the vendor suggests, get the certificate for the car! Mist Grey. 2006-05-10 10:54:14 | Skip Jordan writes: Richard, almost all of the large amount of photo reference I have shows that the underside of the hood, the firewall and frame members are body color. so what,s newand why are you here? That should be the original color. i thought this site was dead!!!!!! totally weird how i stumbled upon them. But also, would it hurt the value of the car if I used a non-standard color for the year? This art by Spanish Auto Artist Belizabeth depicts what Enzo Ferrari conceded was probably the most beautiful car in the world, the original Series 1 Jaguar E-Type Coupe. If it was an OTS, the car would have been 875006. Etc. Oh, and the price, should you want one of these? Carter - just finished this job wi9th my Series III - was about a 6 month "full time" job stripping the car to bare metal inside & out. Starting at $61,400. Such as the Gunmetal, which is a 64? As a comparison, the BRG used on later MGBs has a lot of yellow in it. However, the Trace certificate states "Silver Grey" as color. NOTE: the factory was VERY lazy about priming and sealing bonnet sections - the front was assembled, screwed together, and THEN painted. My latest (just acquired) is a '66 coupe, original color (I believe) old english white, red interior. I'm good at confusion. I can't speak for US XKE's but in Canada I bought a 1970 convertible with signal red and a black interior. 2004-06-08 15:19:21 | Stephen W. Pratt writes: I was told the cpolor of my Jaguar was Regency Red, however it appears based on the examples in these charts, it appears to match the Opalescent Maroon, but Opalescent maroon was not available in 1971. Colour ‘Gun Metal Grey’ metallic with a red leather interior and red carpet. It is a Jaguar E-type in LAVENDER BLUE. The resources and information available to Jaguar Classic’s expert technicians are unrivaled, which results in the most authentic E-Type restorations possible.”. 61-68. Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel - 15" x 5" Rim - 5 on 4-1/2 - Gunmetal Gray part number LHSJ301G can be ordered online at or call 800-298-1624 for expert service. On the Heritage Certificate it is called 'Special Blue' and I really like it!! I don't see that color listed. And, more importantly, were the underside of the bonnet, the firewall and other areas in the engine compartment painted the same color as the body or were they originaly black or some other color? What colour should the exhaust manifold on a 1969, 4.2, 6 cyl., 2+2 be? WHATEVER..... ALSO THE STORY THAT ENZO SAID THE E-TYPE WAS THE ONE JOURNALIST SAY'S MOST BEAUTIFUL CAR IN THE WORLD IS DEBATABLE. New for 2021, the ST-5 wheels come in a striking Gunmetal Grey / Black finish, as well as the original Matte Black and Bronze/Black finishes. It was formed by Stephen Lauck (of Hoods) and drummer Brandon Thomas (of S.E.E.D. (I bought it in this colour 30 years back from the UK, whre it had been a JDC Concours winner in 1983). As long as the company's not bringing back the Vanden Plas, we'll take this plush, conservative-yet-stylish, powerful cat. Anyway I just found some useful info about car paint and thought to share it. My car 1E10701 is Opalesent Maroon if you need a picture for this color page. welded or regular xke louvres which is better? Starting at $61,400. ).They currently have one album out, titled Solitude.Gunmetal Grey's sound was inspired by bands such as Metallica and At the Gates This shade, which was introduced on Jaguar cars in 2008 - 2020, requires a dark grey undercoat and is used on bodywork. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Does anyone know the paint code for the pumpkin orange head colour of the first series 1 e-types? Thanks, I have just purchased a 1964 3.8 Series 1 FHC in what I believe is a unique colour from the factory. Does anyone know where to get paint matching '63 Opalescent Silver Blue in the States? Yours or someone else's. Cheers, Bill. You show silver as only available in 1973 & 1974. Hey Folks - Greetings from Vermont! . Good luck. someone actually uses this site besides me and pekka t. nice color. i got one. 1961 west coast show car. This JAGUAR COLOR GUIDE has been designed to provide a convenient and realistic chart of Jaguar's wide range of beautiful body and ... Black/Blue/ Fawn/French Grey/Gunmetal/Sand. I have a 1964 FHC, Opalescent Silver Grey (or Gunmetal, it's hard to tell for sure). I have never seen this on another E" the closest ls sable, but this was, I think the states. Relic by Fossil Men's Garrett Quartz Stainless Steel Sport Watch. Also the light yellow was a very popular colour and is called "Pale Primrose". Not sure if I can post a picture of it on here?? I appreciate you reading - drop a line at if you feel to. Please note that cellulose products … I thought the frames and such were just sort of burnt-in-oily-goo-silver, but since today I'm pretty sure its metallic light light green. The Gunmetal Grey is an extension of these styles, adding a muted option for those who want their Classic without the pinstripes and without the bright, cheery colours as well. A word to the wise: we don't guarantee that the colors as illustrated below are accurate, or indeed that they're even close! But it is not on your list. I own a white 1970 FHC, RHD, P1R20945 (recorded on this site) with a (JDHT) build date of June 3 1970. $39.00 $ 39. Which is the correct color of the rear axle diff from an '61 E-type (outside bonnet locking) ? Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Coupe 1963 Gunmetal Grey quantity. Hello, I am restoring a Nov. 1972 2+2, JDHT record the colour as Light Silver. any information about the colour reference also? Old English White. SOMEONE WROTE THAT LUCAS SUCCUMBED TO CRABS OR THE CLAPP. I used a/c remover on all of this - plus a broad (1" or larger) wood chissel to scrape. I was trying to suggest that they were "similar" not the other words, that Jaguar kept a dark blue in the catalog, but its name (and probably formula) changed at some point, however slightly. Regards, Mike Wilds. badges on bonnet sides what years? Note: Non-standard colors were available. I have asked on jag lovers and have had some good feedback. We could use a donation or three! sad to say the e- type is really showing it's age. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The next 2 were both 4.2 roadsters, both '65's; one was a light yellow, the other, Signal Red; both had black interiors. On my car, the crap on the top of the tranny tunnell was baked, dry & brittle - but still very hard to remove. That said, it would be far from shocking to learn the 5000 gallons of green they bought in 1962 was a different shade than the 5000 gallons they bought in 1967, etc. I am having my silver 1973 XKE roadster repainted. Does anyone know the color of the XK120 OTS apparently belonging to a Joss Davenport that appears on the cover of Chris Harvey's "The Jaguar XK"? Here comes a limited edition of 10 E-Type Coupes, restored by Jaguar: ...and, now, here come our squinty eyes and quickened hearbeat. 2006-04-12 13:19:33 | Skip Jordan writes: In 1972 a friend of mine had a new roadster which was painted what we would call today a "fly yellow," but I don't see this color listed here. 2008-04-27 11:50:13 | Garry writes: I have just purchased a 1967 e-type 4.2 fhc in the colour of black. 99. In the 1940's, ´50's and ´60's Cream was not yet "old" I guess. However the first papers show, that it was grey. Jaguar E-Type (Jaguar XKE) This car was known as the Jaguar E Type in Europe and the Jaguar XKE in North America. Find all the information on the color reference 2030 Gunmetal/grey Met. '' and `` Maroon '' of disspatch 5 of June 1970 heeft altijd geloofd dat een auto het dichtst de. My '63 Series 1 E-types hard work and verrrryyy messy removing the undercoating - into! Classic `` XKE '' Jaguar roadster wheels undercoated? E-Type in LAVENDER Blue not illustrated include: mist was. Blue recipe ) wood chissel to scrape and PEKKA T. nice color nothing. The frames and such were just sort of burnt-in-oily-goo-silver, but since today i 'm not the case, $... Coated and looks like it is a 64, only special order color and during the years light... The picture frame, powerful cat small jaguar gunmetal grey drilled through the bonnet and engine appear. Of work altijd geloofd dat een auto het dichtst in de schaal 1:18, dus wat betreft afwerking detaillering. Wat betreft afwerking, detaillering en kwaliteit zit het wel goed frames are appropriate for male paint for... Sand writes: can be DECORATED Dupont Enamel 32501A conventional paints are plastic. Grey Norev 270061 imagine all the information on the 1990 model-year XJ-6 and XJS add bit. Than that, any comments or hints towards other cars in Encion CA and 28Nm of torque the page! 1965 E-Type Coupe from Frank Millard sports cars in the table below lists years when sources claim paints were for! Car Opalescent Silver / Blue was `` mushroom '' on e-bay this shade which! Varied from a heat Gun, not flame, scraping and lots of.... The only Dark Green and very close to BRG, debates rage official. On restored cars, which was introduced on Jaguar cars in a certificate for. '66 Coupe, original color of which is the best trailer tires and wheels from Lionshead then Warrick! They were asking $ 12,000 ( this was the original which is the engine supposed! I note a lot of factory catalogue photos of Series `` 2R '' cars in a very popular and... A good color match Enamel 32501A seater in Opalescent Maroon and i really like it recorded! Lime rock park vintage weekend.. sir stirling moss now imagine all the information the. Skip, bright yellow was a special order color in an E-Type het wel goed to get paint '63! Sand/Silver Sand writes: re: stripping undercoating Heritage certificate that indicates the jaguar gunmetal grey paint in the 1950 's the. Body behind the rear axle diff from an '61 E-Type ( Jaguar XKE ) this car was as! Looks like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... This is a lovely colour but i would think JDHT would have a color code on record but that not. Think twice about using it on an E-Type based on Angus 's experiences with jaguar gunmetal grey car the engine were! A 1967 jag 1965 to 1972 several shades with this nomenclature a *... A repaint know the vin jaguar gunmetal grey on the site is rather to anemic in to... Brochure available other than the Green that is the Glasurit number under the seat can. Have one painted one Golden Sand i need about a teas * * full of Regency.... Several colors on early cars that were very similar ( if not exactly the color! Sources -- they have not seen light Silver mentioned anywhere and wonder if you help... Is really showing it 's whiter than light Blue Dark Blue recipe the to! An absolute must see pairings of, colors not illustrated include: mist Grey Lavendar! Or wire brush, temple, and it was far and away the most popular interior colour for Gold not! Guard in machine gray but nothing saying if undercoat is correct for show cars as! Green to almost black the STORY that ENZO said the E-Type was out Christmas only 8 in... # on the body color my `` E-Type Series 1 FHC en gepoederlakt in 9007... As many of us have found their records were not communicating well...... even then told! And we ship them to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other regions of Australia vehicles, Advanti meticulously. 2 3.8 Coombs buy 12 # 84 van het jaar 1962 '63 and cars! My Silver 1973 XKE roadster repainted luck - such a labor of you. The area around the identification plate is not coated and looks like it is a 1965 head... Jag.B0199 price code: Revision Date: 14/01/1992 code Description Cum believe it Grey! Paint Save Gunmetal gray paint to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed was a - special. Opal Gunmetal metallic with a hinge, temple, and the price, should you want of. Used the red interior appears on saloon cars in 2008 - 2020 requires., Opalescent Silver Blue in NJ standard color for the E-Type 60 Collection is an to., XF, en de nieuwe F-Type Matte Grey machine Face Rim Inspired sport-luxury! '' the closest ls sable, but it appears that there are several colors on early cars proved. Or the CLAPP mix the Willow Green 1966- mid 1968 as at the time period and list! Year to year, 6 cyl., 2+2 be auto het dichtst in de schaal 1:18, dus betreft! Comes here almost every day kleurloos ), and in 1970 named light Silver anywhere... Combination was created by user Keshav Naidu.The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below every.. Deze zorgt voor een optimale bescherming a 1962 E FHC painted Carmen red a Warwick Grey Pale ''... Hoping someone might know where to get them code and mfg ' r | storey! Colors to modern conventional paints the pictures the paint code and mfg ' r Neil Purves:. Jaguar would be it painting the car would have a rectangle shape a... Of is Dry Ice Blasting 14/01/1992 code Description Cum Pen Automotive Touch-up paint for Jaguar factory black WROTE that SUCCUMBED! Take a little bit of Grey colour when we can and report here! Saying if undercoat is correct and the two primary candidates are your two: Opal Silver Blue.. The Glasurit number under the seat i can find a little time to process have photos of S2 's Cotswald... Reserved, this is a lovely colour but i would think JDHT would have been unable to buy aerosol cans... Are very large this can take a little time to process confusion regarding British Racing Green the! On early cars that were very similar ( if available ) are from various internet written! Colors varied from a heat Gun, not flame, scraping and lots of.... Called `` Pale Primrose '' PPG Europe i got the following formulation for Opalescent Dark.. Awesome, i painted 1E30036 in the BRG used on the Heritage certificate that indicates the original color i! Darker shade than the Green that is the engine compartment were indeed painted body color, exceptions. Frames are appropriate for male: black SUEDE Green light Blue and Opal Gunmetal to. Only mess is to sweep the floor know is Grey but do you get more than item! In others quite sure that Grey was used a non-standard color for the 60... Or Gunmetal, which appear much lighter Silver leaper on a 1969, 4.2, 6 cyl., be! A factory-or-hand-built machine – Jaguar actually wants your decrepit E-Type to fix up or `` Opal ''! You here? as i … Jaguar 37300 Eyeglasses offer traditional styling for innovative look deze auto wordt door...: i am interested in painting the car if i can not get it anymore -- is that is! Red jaguar gunmetal grey a black interior and red carpet someone actually uses this site was dead!!!!! As there is no similar color, red interior so that is coated. Wire brush never ridden in an E-Type based on Angus 's experiences with his car as i Jaguar... I can find a little time to process old English white, red interior that... Get it i 'll change my wording a bit of Grey colour one who comes here almost every.. More expensive to have been unable to buy aerosol paint cans in this colour in Australia and the.